The marketing coordinator is responsible to deliver the right message to the right target with the right medium at the right time. His/her goal is to develop our audience, improve our understanding of this audience and find the best ways to deliver what our audience craves for.  

Right Message
Write, record, and design the right messages to promote our different initiatives, attract the audience towards those and convert into action, using the following:

Right Target
Identify, understand, and connect with the audience interested by our different initiatives:

Right Medium
Make the best use of the different platforms used by Nexus Communication:

The marketing coordinator will also:
-    Be responsible for the collaboration with graphic and marketing third parties
-    Take ownership of specific projects
-    Come up with new ideas and propositions to bring our marketing efforts forward
-    Take part of clients and stakeholders’ meetings to understand their needs
-    Liaise with associations and expertise groups to develop synergies
-    Ensure and maintain the coherence of the graphic charter
-    Develop media packs presentations designed for sales purposes
-    Keep a close watch on what other media and companies in the fleet and mobility sectors are doing


-    Perfectly fluent in English (French, Dutch and/or any other language is also an asset)
-    Team player… and decision maker
-    Creative…and down to earth
-    Proactive…with a strong desire to learn
-    With an eye for a good visual…and another for a good catchphrase
-    Required experience of at least 5 years in marketing management
-    Previous experience in fleet and mobility sector is an asset
-    Team management experience is also an asset


Fell like that's you?

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