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By subscribing to this site, you agree to use it in conformity with the conditions of this charter along with applicable laws and regulations.

Subscription: You agree to fill out the subscription form fully and correctly and to supply precise information. At the end of the form you will be asked to select an account name and a confidential password which will give you access to all of the services of ‘Nexus e-shop’.
You take full responsibility for keeping your pseudonym and your password confidential.

Personal details: ‘Nexus e-shop’ commits not to reveal to any third party personal data (e.g. name, first name, e-mail address and telephone number) which you submit when subscribing.

User management: You take full responsibility for the content you produce and communicate to third parties.

‘Nexus e-shop’ acts merely as a passive transmitter for distributing and transmitting your data. In no case can ‘Nexus e-shop’ be held responsible for the content of messages distributed and transmitted.

You commit to the fact that the content of your messages:

  • does not in any way violate the rights of third parties (in particular intellectual property or industrial rights such as brands, designs, models, patents, know-how etc.);
  • does not in any way violate the laws and regulations in force in Belgium, in your country of residence or in the country in which this data is destined to be received;
  • does not contain any virus or program likely to cause damage to persons or their goods;

In particular, and without this list being considered as exhaustive, you commit not to transmit any data which is illicit, defamatory, or which constitutes threats or which is prejudicial to normal custom.
The transmission of any form of unsolicited message which could be interpreted as an advertisement is prohibited. The transmission of any message generated by a distribution list in which the recipient has not specifically asked to be included is also prohibited.

Confidentiality: ‘Nexus e-shop’ commits to respecting the confidentiality of messages and personal information transmitted during subscription.

Personal use: You are legally responsible for the use of this service.

Duration: This contact is concluded between ‘Nexus e-shop’ and yourself for an indeterminate period and will be in operation for as long as you use our services. You may terminate this contract at any time, without giving either notice or a reason. ‘Nexus e-shop’ may nevertheless terminate your participation at any time and without notice in the case of a violation of your obligations of the terms of the paragraph ‘User Management’.

Guarantees: ‘Nexus e-shop’ does not guarantee that the service will function without interruption or that it will be free of any errors, nor that the faults observed will be corrected.
‘Nexus e-shop’ does not guarantee that the use or the results of the use of elements available via its site or third party sites are correct, precise, reliable or of any particular quality.

Modification of general rules of use: ‘Nexus e-shop’ reserves the right to modify these rules of use in order to adapt them to evolutions within the site and/or its operation. Whenever such a modification occurs, ‘Nexus e-shop’ will invite you to consult its new rules of use. If you are not in agreement with these new rules of use, you must send an e-mail to ‘Nexus e-shop’ (contact@nexuscommunication.be) within two weeks of notification of the new conditions; ‘Nexus e-shop’ commits in such a case to close your account within five working days from receipt of this e-mail.